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What am I doing here? 

Why I went back to high school in my 30s

It’s the end of Year 12. I am 36 years old. And this is not playing out like I thought it would. Not at all. The knot of the year is untying – all the stress of exams, the pressures of school day after school day, the friendships that dissolved, the stealthy relationships flying under […]

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Chapter 2: The Kettle Boils

A week later, I get my first glimpse.  There’s tension in the air. Fatima is constantly in motion, impatient to do more, be more, know more. But she’s even more agitated than usual as she races around. There is A Look on her face. When at last I catch her in a spare moment, she […]

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Chapter 3: The Pencilcase Riff

It’s an endless afternoon, and Zahra and Kadeer are talking race in the common room. I listen. Were there ever issues with race here, I ask. Zahra nods, eyes flat. Race mattered when she first arrived, as young strangers from a dozen different backgrounds tried to make sense of where they were, who they were. […]

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Chapter 4: Everything is Simple

The school’s international students – meaning Chinese – sit under another tree nearby. Many boast on-trend Korean-inspired streetwear, black long sleeved tops with stark white logos, flowing pants, the look that works well in Swanston Street’s rooftop bars and karaoke joints where Asian-Australian scions play. It seems odd in treelined suburbia. Other kids wear tracksuits […]

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Chapter 5: Flight of the Whites

A week later, it’s the school open day. Smiles everywhere, not a scrap of rubbish, and student leaders and teachers take prospective parents on tour. I trail behind the assistant principal, who’s mistaken me for a single dad. She aims for disarming and self-deprecating and funny. This isn’t a private school sales pitch – no […]

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